About me

Drawing, creating and daydreaming have always been part of my world. As a little kid I spend hours playing in the woods and fields, reading under my blanket and drawing what I saw or what my phantasy made up.

This intense passion for everything artsy and drawing in particular never grew old and still keeps me creating. I guess if I had to pick three things in life that I love most (besides my family of course) I would pick: illustrating, cats and nature.

My big love for cats is very present in my illustrations as cats and other fury friends are often found as a subject of my drawings and daydreams. The brand name Cora Cocolora is a tribute to my first cat and never forgotten soulmate Cora. I got her at the age of six and she was my loyal compagnon for almost 18 years. Cocolora is a word I made up myself, but which is based on the German word “ Kokolores” which means “nonsense, beloney, horseplay”. As a child and honestly still now as a (sort of) grown up I love(d) to make people laugh and living my inner childish craziness.

I think you should always keep your inner child alive and laugh as much as you can! Hopefully my illustrations will make you happy and put a smile on your face.